Sunday, June 29, 2003

Effectiveness Tip of the Week via email from the folks at FranklinCovey

Push Pause

You’ve put in 8+ hours at the office; attended a PTA meeting, soccer practice, and/or a doctor’s appointment; and now you’re in the midst of helping with homework, feeding the dog, and clearing out the answering machine. It’s high time for a time-out. A walk? A movie?

Now—before you scoff at the notion and claim it would take a sheer miracle to find extra time for that time-out, realize that it is well worth it. Taking a moment to yourself reduces stress and leaves you refreshed and focused, not irritable and distracted. You’ll feel better and have a fresh outlook to tackle all the tasks that are waiting for you. A few tips:

  • Your time-out doesn’t have to be something big. Sit on the porch and enjoy a lemonade, take a small hike, or lounge on the couch with a magazine.
  • If evenings are hectic, try waking up 30 minutes earlier to soak in the tub, walk the dog, or savor a warm drink.
  • Do not get distracted. If your family is around, tell them they’re in charge of answering the door, the phone, and that, unless it’s an emergency, you’re off duty for a few minutes.

Pushing pause for a personal time-out—rewind and try it again!

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