Friday, May 30, 2003

A Different Kind of Bar Exam

I needed something "punny" to go with this post. I had a meeting with the president of the local bartending school here in Dayton yesterday. I think I would make a good bartender -- mixologist, to be more accurate. I have an outgoing personality, and I had a chemistry set when I was growing up. Well, I never got the $300 microscope when I was 7 years old (that was in 1977 dollars, by the way). Alas, I digress.

The meeting went very well, up until she mentioned the tuition. See, trying to live off unemployment has been hard to begin with. Then laying out several hundreds of dollars up front for tuition... well, the bubble went "pop". I went away, feeling a little bit downhearted.

But I think that the school might be able to work with me on the tuition. After all, it's a two-week course, and the tuition is based on what an average weekly take-home pay for a bartender would be. So, in two weeks, I'd theoretically be able to make up the money I spent toward tuition.

We'll see. I'm going to talk with her again on Monday afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be able to start the class that Monday, too.

Stay tuned!

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