Monday, September 09, 2002

Outplacement as an employer-paid benefit

James E. Challenger, president of Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, Inc.. pioneered outplacement as an employer-paid benefit.

In the September 3, 2002 edition of Employment Plus, a marketing publications supplement to the Dayton Daily News, he has an article entitled, "Climb up the ladder starts with Day One at new job." Some of the many highlights worth noting include

  • "The demands of the New Economy have employers bringing in employees who will make an immediate contribution."
  • "Resign yourself to arriving early and staying late. No employer likes a clock watcher."
  • "Go out of your way to assist peers to show that you can be depended upon."
  • "You might consider finding out what your supervisor's favorite civic or charitable activities are and volunteer to work for those organizations."
  • "Calculated bragging means to pick your spot and be subtle when showing superiors specifically how you are doing."

In addition, when you venture to the CGC website, be sure to download the guidebook entitled "How to Find a Job in a Jobless Recovery."

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