Friday, September 27, 2002

The Silver Lining

Mike muses the upcoming 1-year anniversary of being laid off, after having lunch with some former co-workers:

"when i think about it, as challenging and stressful and tiring as teaching can be sometimes, i can't imagine not doing it - going back to my former career as a software developer...i had felt stagnant in that career for a while, though i still enjoyed aspects of it -including mentoring less experienced developers - i.e. the education process. i was considering switching careers to teaching for quite a while, and had applied for the teaching job i got months before i was laid off - at a time when it was clear the economy wasn't at it's best - but i never would have dreamt of being laid off...the rest is history - i guess timing is everything...." | Lamebrain things managers shouldn't say to employees

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Greater Dayton IT Alliance

View the list of current members either alphabetically, by industry, or the entire list. Each entry consists of the company website, address, a description of what the company does, along with the person to contact for more information.

Cinergy, P&G make the Working Mother list

The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that Cinergy and Procter & Gamble, two Cincinnati-based companies, were again named to Working Mother magazine's annual best workplaces for mothers. Cinergy is a utility company. P&G manufactures and markets a variety of well-known consumer brands, including Tide, Downy, Charmin and Folgers.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Personal Reminder: I met a lot of people at the job fairs. Should I let the readers know about them and my other experiences?


Get That Job! was recently mentioned in blogs4God.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Business Network International

"BNI, or Business Network Int'l. is a business and professional networking organization that offers each member the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and referrals. With over 2,500 chapters worldwide, BNI is the world's leading professional business networking organization."

"Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of sales people working for you."

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

The Interview

Definitely a different kind of interview.

48 Finding the Hidden Jobs

"The most effective job-hunting method is this: know your skills, research the potential company users of those skills, arrange to see the person who has the power to hire you, and request the interview. This method, faithfully followed, leads to a job for 86 out of every 100 job-hunters who use it." read more...

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Job Searching Chat Job Searching Chat Schedule: Monday - Friday Noon - 1:00 PM Eastern Time

"You're invited to join the Job Searching chat room. The chat room is always open, but, most often not moderated. Join our job seekers Lunch Hour Chat on weekday afternoons or drop by anytime to see if others are chatting. Also feel free to arrange a time to network with other job seekers and meet here to chat about jobs, careers and finding work. Employers and recruiters are also welcome to share career advice and job opening information."

Wanted: Your Job Hunting Success Stories

That's right, gentle readers. I want to let others know about how you have successfully found a job. It may be your current one or a previous one - it doesn't matter. I want to encourage other job seekers with your success. You will receive no reimbursement from this, except for the gratification that your story has helped to inspire countless others who are where you once were.

Be specific, but don't mention any company names. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, and you may disagree with this approach - let me know and I may reconsider. Instead, use a generic title, such as "software development consulting company", "global consumer products company", and so on. If you would like some help, then let me know.

I will only use your initials or first name and last initial when presenting your success story. I am specifically interested in answers to the following:

  • What position were you applying for?
  • How did you contact the particular company?
  • Describe the interviewing process.
  • Did you work part-time or as a contractor/consultant with the company before being hired?
  • How long was the process from your first contact with the company to your first day of work?
  • Describe your emotional state during the process. Were you anxious? Excited? Stressed? Impatient? Frustrated? Let us know.

So email me your job hunting success stories at danimal0416 AT (replace the " AT " with the "@", of course), and we'll get these published here at "Get That Job!"

Losing Your Job via spacemonk

Mike and others are commenting about what it's like to lose your job. It's worth a look. Be sure to especially check out the comments!

Overcoming Procrastination

Let me recommend you a book that I've begun reading, entitled The Complete Idiot's Guide to Overcoming Procrastination by Michelle Tullier, Ph.D. The first chapter is an eye-opener about the effects procrastination has on ourselves and others. At its worst, it causes serious problems on our finances, career, mental and physical health, relationships, and personal safety (paraphrased from the book).

Ms. Tullier is a career counselor who has witnessed numerous examples of procrastination in people who have put off managing their own careers.

Don't put this off until later! Go get that book today, even if from your local public library or Half Price Bookstore!

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Our New Career Values

"Money. Security. Power. Advancement. Until September 11, 2001, many Americans defined their careers by these very common and pervasive American work values..."

MonsterTRAK Coach Peter Vogt writes about how much our career values have changed since 9/11/2001.

Greater Dayton Job Center Expo 2002

Wednesday, September 25, 2002
10 A.M. - 3 P.M.
1111 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd.
Dayton, Ohio 45408-2033

Successful Job Search Tips

  • Professional Attire Required
  • For Your Safety... PLEASE, NO BABY STROLLERS
  • Bring a Typed Resume

Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services
The Job Center
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
St. Vincent DePaul Society (Dayton)

Announcement from Status.Blogger.Com: Blog*Spot Web Server Maintenance

From midnight to 3 AM Eastern time on Friday, 13 September 2002, the Blog*Spot file server, which contains this and other weblogs with "" in the URL, will be down for maintenance. So, from that time - midnight to 3 AM EDT - Get That Job! will be unavailable.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Professional and Technical Cultural Diversity Career Fair: Dayton, Ohio

From the ad found on

Date: 9/17/2002
Time: 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Venue: Dayton Convention Center (map)
Area: Downtown Dayton
Contact: (937) 225-7450

Get your steps in order and find the job you are looking for at the career fair!

• Free admission
• Free resume reviews
• Professional Attire required
• Resume Database Available
• Free Seminars will be offered on the half hour
• Read the Dayton Daily News for more information on September 15.

Monday, September 09, 2002

Find Your True Calling

MSN Careers has an article today entitled "Discover the Work You Were Born to Do." It's a good opportunity to find out if you're climbing the right ladder after all.

Bartenders Wanted!

Call 1-866-291-1884 x9962 for more information.


When prompted, enter code EG500. Go Get That Job!

Be Proactive!

From QuotesBlog: "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul." -- William Ernest Henley

One of the most incredible things about our Creator is that he has made us different from the rest of the animals in that we are not controlled by instinct; rather, we have the ability to choose how we respond to any stimulus, any circumstance, etc. So, today, and for the rest of our lives... let's go forward as "Captains of our souls!" is the website for the Tribune company, owner of, among other newspapers, the Chicago Tribune. Carol Kleiman reports on employment. To read her column you must register -- it's free!

Outplacement as an employer-paid benefit

James E. Challenger, president of Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, Inc.. pioneered outplacement as an employer-paid benefit.

In the September 3, 2002 edition of Employment Plus, a marketing publications supplement to the Dayton Daily News, he has an article entitled, "Climb up the ladder starts with Day One at new job." Some of the many highlights worth noting include

  • "The demands of the New Economy have employers bringing in employees who will make an immediate contribution."
  • "Resign yourself to arriving early and staying late. No employer likes a clock watcher."
  • "Go out of your way to assist peers to show that you can be depended upon."
  • "You might consider finding out what your supervisor's favorite civic or charitable activities are and volunteer to work for those organizations."
  • "Calculated bragging means to pick your spot and be subtle when showing superiors specifically how you are doing."

In addition, when you venture to the CGC website, be sure to download the guidebook entitled "How to Find a Job in a Jobless Recovery."

The Five O'Clock Club

Kate Wendleton is the founder of The Five O'Clock Club, a national career-counseling network. If you are an individual needing severance help, an employer looking at severance packages, or even a career coach looking to advance your training and private practice, then stop by!

"One organization with a long record of success in helping people find jobs is The Five O'Clock Club " -FORTUNE MAGAZINE

Employment Guide

In Dayton and probably many other cities as well, we can get a hard copy of the Employment Guide, which is like a separate classifieds section. The online version appears to be a portal, and it appears that the goal is to match job seekers with employers. Check it out and let me know what you find! Good luck!

Monday, the day after Sunday, merits a summary of sorts of information gleaned from classifieds and so on. Just a heads up as to what's coming.

" is a free job site for webloggers. If you're looking for work as a personal trainer, chef or landscape architect then use one of the other job sites. If you want to weblog professionally, this is the place to post your availability."

Way to go, Dane!

(P.S. Thanks to MeanDean over at blogs4God for the link!)

Resume Writing Firms

Yesterday I browsed through a local magazine and found an ad for a resume writer. While at the PC tonight, I couldn't remember the exact URL, so I looked up both and is the one from Dayton, Ohio.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

State of Ohio Job Search

The State of Ohio web site has a search page.

QuotesBlog now has comments.

Monday, September 02, 2002

Preview from QuotesBlog

There are going to be some really good quotes posted about work in the upcoming days. For starters, try these out:



Owning your own business means that you get to call the shots, for one thing. has a myriad of resources.

You must also, however, remember to count the cost:

From QuotesBlog: "The only thing more overrated than natural childbirth is the joy of owning your own business." -- Anonymous

Gear for your Career

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Information Overload from FranklinCovey Weekly Quotes email

Talk about bulking up. Pitney-Bowes, the maker of postage meters, did a study in 2000 that found the average U.S. office worker sends and receives 52 phone messages, 36 email messages, 36 pieces of regular mail, 14 faxes, and eight pager messages each day. All of this information can cause stress, memory problems, and difficulty maintaining one’s attention and ability to focus. So what do you do? Slim down and start the Information Overload diet! A few tips:
  • Overcome any reluctance you might have to throwing away files, paper and other things. The fear of discarding something that might be useful later-much, much later-holds back many of us from getting rid of stuff we’ll never use.
  • Develop good habits. For example, handle your paper work at the same time each day, look at what is in your in-box no more than twice a day, etc.
  • Find a planning system that works for you. Whether it’s a binder to carry your planning pages, wireless phone, and handheld, or software to keep all your information synched together, FranklinCovey offers hundreds of solutions to keep you organized and productive.

Information Overload - try the low-fat version!

Ohio Libraries Get Database Access from the Dayton Business Journal

The state of Ohio is spending $2.5 million to give all state residents access to 22 computer databases from EBSCO Publishing, indexing articles from more than 6,000 sources.

The collection debuted Monday.

The collection includes more than 3,000 journals, 1,900 periodicals and 240 other news sources. About 2,600 peer-reviewed journals, suitable for advanced research, are included.

It will be available at all of Ohio's schools, colleges and public libraries — and library cardholders will be able to access it over the Internet.

"With over 20,000 unique jobs and hundreds of new postings daily, is one of America's largest, most effective job sites on the Internet today."