Thursday, August 01, 2002

Job Outlook 2002: You'll Work Hard to Find a Job "The foosball tables are gone. You won't be offered a four-day work week. And that sweet little sports car you were prepared to accept as a signing bonus? You'll have to pay for this car the old fashioned way—with savings from your weekly paycheck.

"The job market for college graduates isn't as bright as it was this time last year (or over the past three years)—however, it's not as dismal as you might believe either." continued...

I've seen this myself. Four years ago, there were a lot more obvious opportunities than there are now. I still believe that the jobs are out there, however. Just because overall the job market may be a little soft, does not mean that today, tomorrow, next week, someone won't quit or retire or do something else that creates a job opening for what I am looking for.

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